Mix & Match

  • You don't have to stick with just one style!

  • Mix & Match styles from any of these kinds of parts:
    (Not familiar with these terms? View the parts of a railing system here.)

    • Porch Posts & Round Columns
    • Rails
    • Balusters
    • Newel Posts
  • Achieve a custom look... a style all your own!

  • And, don't forget the caps. Newel Post Caps can do a lot for your design.

  • Pictures & Parts As Examples:

    • Top Right: 10" Round Columns, 3000 Series Newport Rails, Square Newel Posts, New England Post Caps, Traditional Balusters.

    • Below Centered: Colonial Porch Posts, 1000 Series T-Rails, Model Balusters, Square Newel Posts, King Newel Post Caps.

  • At Right: Traditional Porch Posts, 1000 Series T-Rails, Madison Balusters

  • Below: 1000 Series T-Rails, Madison Newel Posts, New York Post Caps, Madison Balusters, Previously Existing Columns
    (You don't have to remove what you have... you can add!)


The Parts of a Railing System: Terms and Configuration
Styles like "Kinzer" and "Madison" refer to Porch Posts, Newel Posts, and Balusters. Top-Rail styles and sizes are selected separately.
Top-Rail Sizes:
  • 1000 Series: Top T-Rail 3" wide, Bottom Rail 1.75" X 3.5" (both are pictured in cross section below)
  • 3000 Series: Top Decorative Rail 3" wide, Bottom Rail 1.75" X 3.5"
  • For larger Rails and other parts, see the Balustrade System.


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