Yard Fencing:
Victorian Series
Heights: 36", 48", 60", 72"
(Note: 60", 72" heights include cross member)
(Note: 36" height is below pool-safety code)

Picket Spacing: 2 7/8", 2 15/16"
Other Specs: See Below
Colors: White, Ivory, Gray, and Clay
(Note: Clay not available in all heights)

A sturdy, low-maintenance yard fence adds value to your home and protects children and pets. Pool safety is also a major consideration. Perfect for yards and gardens. Or, use sections as an accent. Gates and hardware to match each style are available.




Above: 3 Gate Styles
All Required Hardware Is Available.

At Right: Note that the taller fence heights
come with a cross member.

Pricing: Call

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